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"BAWEI·Youzhi × State Food and Drug Administration Cosmetics Safety Evaluation Key Laboratory" Officially Signed a Cooperation Agreement


On December 30, 2021, BAWEI · Youzhi Testing × State Food and Drug Administration Cosmetic Safety Evaluation Key Laboratory (hereinafter referred to as "joint key laboratory") held a low-key and grand cooperation signing in BAWEI Innovation Center & Smart Factory at the ceremony, in addition to the representatives of both partners, the media were invited to witness the historical moment together.

1. Cosmetics academic authority + leading industry, building a first-class phalanx

The State Drug Administration's Key Laboratory of Cosmetics Safety Evaluation was approved for establishment in February 2021. Relying on Southern Medical University, it cooperates with Guangdong Institute of Biological Products and Drugs and Guangdong Institute for Drug Control as cooperative units, including 1 national key discipline, 3 key laboratories in Guangdong Province, with national drug clinical trial (GCP) certification, CMA cosmetics inspection and testing qualifications, and 3 academicians and 9 principals and academic leaders for cutting-edge guidance, which shows its strong strength and influence force.

The cooperation between BAWEI and Southern Medical University relies on the strong support and careful guidance of the State Food and Drug Administration, combined with the cutting-edge key technologies and excellent experience and talents of both parties to establish a higher standard testing research platform. Through basic research, rapid testing, clinical testing, and technical specifications, we will jointly overcome difficult problems in cosmetics supervision, provide more high-standard technical advice, and fill in the gaps in the current national cosmetics safety standards.

2. Coincidentally, only for the same vision of the cosmetics industry

Ms. Leng Qunying, chairman of BAWEI, warmly welcomed the guests and delivered a speech: Under the new regulations, the industry is entering the era of efficacy, and product safety is the most basic requirement for the industry. The establishment of the joint key laboratory has played a positive role in the positive development of the industry, and it is also a strong backing for the high-quality development of Chinese cosmetics. This coincides with the idea that Bawei invests a lot of money and energy in the testing sector every year, just to "create high-quality and reliable products and make outstanding contributions to the beauty and health of human beings".

Professor Yang Xingfen, Director of the Key Laboratory of Cosmetic Safety Evaluation of the State Food and Drug Administration, expressed her expectations for this cooperation and made a speech:

As a leading makeup remover supplier rooted in Guangdong and advancing with the country's reform and opening-up, this cooperation enables cosmetic academic research to be applied to the industry and linked to reality. In the future, we will jointly promote the high-quality development of China's cosmetics industry and look forward to more achievements.

3. Refinement and in-depth research, aiming at blind spots in the cosmetics industry

Since 2021, the cosmetics industry has successively implemented a number of laws and regulations, with particular emphasis on the quality and safety of cosmetics and the evaluation of efficacy claims. Regarding the current focus, the two parties discussed the details and advanced layout in multi-dimensional discussions on the evaluation methods of efficacy claims, safety testing, quality control from the production side of raw materials, and the migration of risky substances that may be contained in packaging materials in cosmetics. And through more mature methods and strong data support, we will formulate national-level testing standards with a rigorous and scientific attitude.

signing-ceremony-1.pngThe establishment of the joint key laboratory is to bring together the resource advantages of both parties to work together to produce a batch of authoritative research results, and to refine and improve the cosmetic testing standards. BAWEI· Youzhi Testing takes this advantage to further explore the key technologies of cosmetic safety and efficacy evaluation, and use more rigorous, meticulous and scientific testing methods to consolidate the safety of BAWEI Xingyan and many brand products. 

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