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What Are the Types of Skin Care Products for Men?

While literati pay more attention to the inner beauty of "talent", they also pay more attention to their appearance and external temperament. With the development of social science and technology, care products developed for men's skin characteristics can effectively clean the skin, and give the skin a refreshing and comfortable feeling, making men more face-saving. Men's needs for using care products, in order of intensity, are "enhancing the external image, showing personal taste, increasing self-confidence, and meeting the expectations of lovers". In today's era of harmonious development, men's skin care products have gradually changed from fashion consumption to rigid demand.

1. Mixed oily men's skin care products

The face is often oily, with large pores, rough skin, thick cortex and prone to acne, and is not easy to produce wrinkles. Combination skin The center of the face, forehead, bridge of the nose, and jawline are oily and acne-prone, while the rest of the face is dry. The key to oily and combination skin is to balance oil secretion, cleanse and tighten pores. For daily skin cleansing, you should choose some facial cleansers that feel fresh and clean after use, make a cleansing mask once a week, and usually use some oil-controlling creams to improve the oily state of the face. While controlling oil, you should also apply hydrating cream to replenish moisture in time, especially for combination skin, which will become drier after oil control, so hydrating cream is particularly important. In addition, a bottle of astringent water is also necessary for men's skin care products. It can astringe large pores and make the skin clean and delicate.

2. Skin care products for men with neutral skin

Neutral skin is the most perfect skin type among all skin types. It is rare for men to have this type of skin type. However, perfect skin will quickly "degenerate" if you do not pay attention to maintenance in harsh environments. Men's skin care products for neutral skin should be selected according to the season and the environment in which you live. If you live in a dry climate in the north, you should choose some facial cleanser or cleansing mask suitable for oily skin, because the wind and sand in dry areas are relatively strong. Big, the skin is relatively dirty, so you must pay attention to cleaning, otherwise it is easy to cause oily skin with enlarged pores. Men who live in humid areas can reduce some skin care products. The weather in these places is always wet, the skin is not easy to breathe, and dust also likes to adhere to the face, so refreshing facial cleanser and cleansing mask are also essential. At the same time, avoid using moisturizing creams in summer.

3. Skin care products for men with dry skin

The most important point of dry skin care is to ensure that the skin is adequately hydrated. First of all, when choosing clean men's skin care products, do not use strong alkaline soaps or cleaning products, so as not to inhibit the secretion of sebum and sweat. Immediately after cleansing your face, use moisturizing water or lotion to rehydrate your skin. Smoked face and nutrient mask can be done once a week to promote blood circulation, accelerate cell metabolism, and increase the secretion of sebum and sweat. Before going to bed, you can clean the skin with warm water, and then massage for 3-5 minutes to improve the blood circulation of the face, and use night cream appropriately.

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