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Do You Know the Five Misunderstandings of Men's Skin Care?

There are countless articles about women's skin care on the Internet, but there are very few articles about men's skin care. As a result, most men lack knowledge about skin care, and the following misunderstandings often occur.

1. Misunderstanding of skin care for men: just wash your face with soap every day

Many men's skin care products are troubled by excessive oil production on the face, so they choose to use soap to clean their face. After washing, the skin feels dry and tight, and it feels that the oil has been successfully removed. But in fact, frequent use of soap will affect the acid-base of the skin, and when the skin is dry and tight, it will secrete a large amount of oil, which will aggravate the oily appearance of the face, which is counterproductive.

2. Misunderstanding of skin care for men: acne can fend for itself/squeeze it out by hand

Acne is caused by the accumulation of dust and dead skin in the pores, which prevents the normal discharge of sebum and causes the skin to be infected by bacteria. If you squeeze the acne with your hands, or let it go, it will make the acne hide deeper and deeper, and even leave uneven scars. Therefore, the basic care of men's skin care and face cleansing using scrubs cannot be ignored, and the frequency of about once a week is enough.

3. Misunderstanding of skin care for men: diet and daily life have nothing to do with beauty

If you don't have good eating habits, often eat greasy, spicy, stimulating food, and have the habit of smoking, then your face will not look healthy and lack luster. Therefore, it is necessary to develop good eating habits, eat more light food and fresh vegetables and fruits, drink plenty of water, and smoke less, in order to effectively improve the skin.

4. Misunderstanding of skin care for men: water milk is too greasy, you can skip it

Most men's skin tends to be oily and dehydrated. Men should choose refreshing men's skin care products and use them after facial cleanser. There are already many brands on the market that have men's products, choose some branded skin care products specially designed for men.

5. Misunderstanding of skin care for men: sun protection is only a topic of concern to women

Sun protection is not the same as being afraid of being tanned. The black hole in the ozone layer is getting bigger and bigger, and it is more and more lethal to the skin. In severe cases, it may even cause skin cancer. Therefore, sun protection, regardless of gender, should be a matter of concern to everyone.

Men's skin is generally rough, and dirt often adheres to the surface to block pores, leading to hair follicle and sebaceous gland diseases; especially in middle age, due to the decline of physiological functions, wrinkles, sagging, and edema are prone to occur. Therefore, scientific men's skin care is very important. Pay attention to skin protection, especially for men who are engaged in field work or high-temperature work. They should wear straw hats, windshields and other protective equipment at work, and apply some skin protection agents, such as sunscreen, to prevent excessive ultraviolet radiation and dust infection. Men should use men's skin care products developed for the nature of men's skin. The wind and the sun can make the skin rough. After washing the face, apply some men's special toner and moisturizer to help the skin smooth.

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