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Advantage of BAWEI Makeup Products

  • For face makeup

(1) Liquid foundation

Just like an artist who must prime before painting, you must also start with a clean face. After skincare is done, the first step is foundation. In order to avoid the dreaded "cake-like" appearance, we recommend using a cosmetic sponge to apply foundation. It absorbs the foundation to even your skin tone.

(2)Cover and concealer

Most of us think that concealer is an essential step in your daily makeup. Concealer provides the perfect makeup that everyone wants to look like Photoshop-looking. Concealer is mainly divided into face concealer and eye concealer. Usually, we want to use a moisturizing concealer to cover the eyes,which soften fine lines and cover wrinkles. Facial concealers tend to be thicker and dry, making them great for concealing unwanted blemishes or spots. 

(3)Highlights and Bronzer

Now you have a perfect foundation, but you are still one step away. From star makeup, we also need highlights and bronze shadows that highlight the strengths of our facial features. Dust a little bronzer into the hair line, across the cheek bones and neck to give an instant pick-me-up.

  • For Eye makeup


Eyeliner can enhance the firmness of makeup and the vitality of eye makeup. In addition, it can easily match any makeup from start to finish throughout the day.


Now it's time to use some mascara to extend the eyelashes. Mascara can not only make your eyelashes thicker, but also is the important part to your perfect makeup. Easy to use, even beginners can easily master how to use mascara

(3)Multicolor eyeshadow palette

The multi-color eyeshadow palette is a perfect choice. Different makeup looks use different shades , which can be easily create an perfect appearance that suits all eye colors.

  • For Lip makeup

Nude and bold lip colors

Lipstick is a very important part of makeup. Just a lipstick can change the overall appearance. Lip makeup is mainly lipstick, lip gloss and lip tint. To find the ideal lip makeup, choose a color that is slightly darker than the natural lip base color to create the perfect color. Coral, berry or pink may be your favorite colors. 

Advantage of BAWEI Makeup Products

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FAQ of Makeup

Should I wear makeup?

When it comes down to makeup, the benefit is not just the beauty of appearance. Believe it or not, makeup can help you change your life never before. In recent studies, perfect makeup has always been an important factor in the success of women all over the world. Numerous studies and social phenomena show that women have already experienced the amazing benefits of makeup. If you are considering makeup, then you may be interested in the benefits of makeup. Makeup can not only enhance women's external beauty and charm, but also enhance women's self-confidence. Makeup is a joyful process.

What is the basic makeup items?

(1)Primer on the face. It is actually an extension of skin care. This is the foundation for smooth and even makeup. Applying facial primer is just another necessary step in daily makeup.

(2)Concealer. It is essentially a color corrector. Its purpose is to cover reddened areas or discoloration such as pigmentation. It can reduce shadow areas, such as dark circles under the eyes or around the mouth.

(3)Foundation.The purpose of the concealer is to correct the color, and the foundation is to even the skin tone. Your foundation is almost like a second skin. It looks like you don't have any makeup at all, and you look even skin tone.

(4)Blush.Blush is a magical cosmetic that can make you look tired and pale to glowing youthful and rosy in a few seconds. Therefore, blush makes it my basic makeup essential product list.

(5)Lip makeup is the most important part of the entire basic makeup. Choose any color lipstick or lip gloss you like to wear.

Where do I start with makeup?

(1)Moisturizer.Before starting makeup, use a high-quality moisturizer to provide moisture to the skin.

(2)Primer. Please use primer to form a protective film on your face. Whether you plan to use a foundation only or full face makeup, a primer is an important first step. Using a primer before you makeup,which will make your makeup long lasting.

(3)Liquid foundation. Find the perfect shade for the skin. The right foundation for you can make all the difference. So, how do you choose? Test the color of the foundation based on your chin.

(4)Face powder. Applying makeup powder can absorb excess oil on the face to form a perfect matte makeup and avoid the cake-looking appearance.

(5)Blush. Red cheeks have been an important part of makeup charm for centuries. If you want to add color and vitality to your complexion, blush may be the key. It will make you look more beautiful.

(6)Eye shadows.Whether you choose neutral shades or use bold colorful shades, eyeshadow can make your makeup more interesting. No matter which look you use, you can grab two complementary eye shadows: a lighter shade and a darker shade.

(7)Eye liner and mascara.It is fantastic for creating a cat-eye look.

(8)Lip gloss.Take care of your lips before applying lip glaze. If your lips are chapped or cracked, be sure to use a gentle lip scrub to remove any dead skin. Next, use lip conditioner or moisturizer to further soften the lips. After the lip balm is absorbed, absorb the excess oil, and then use lipstick or lip gloss

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